Our Projects and Services During 2021

LKR 6,228,075.00

GBP 3,230.00

Please find the list of our completed projects and services for the year 2021. If you need more detailed report, please contact us. Personal details are hidden for privacy purposes.



Project Details




2021 February Medical (Partially support) Mawanella LKR 145,000.00
2021 February COVID-19 – 5kg Rice Bags for 113 Families Kattankudy LKR  68,000.00
2021 March Medical (partially supported) Puttalam LKR  218,125.00
2021 March Tube Well (common use) Koiyavadi, Ettalai LKR  170,000.00
2021 April Tube Well (Common Use)  ( Masjidul Muhajireen, Al Hijra Jinnapuram ) Alankuda / Puttalam LKR      185,000.00
2021 April SELF EMPLOYMENT SUPPORT   ( Purchased Fishing Nets) Mankumban, Jaffna LKR        53,000.00
2021 May Tube Well  (Common use ) Nachchikuda LKR        185,000.00
2021 May Donation for Madrasathun Nooraniya Alankuda Eatalai LKR        53,000.00
2021 May Fithra Distribution 20 various places LKR        1,283,500.00
2021 May Al Hikmah School Luton (street collection) GBP       1,200.00
2021 May Ifthar at Ramadhan Various place LKR 742,500.00
2021 June Emergency Disaster for FLOOD Ratmaliyaya, Puttalam LKR 150,000.00
2021 June Emergency Disaster for FLOOD YMMA NAGAR, Ratmaliyaya LKR 120,000.00
2021 July Qurbani Various Places LKR 895,950.00
2021 July SLMCC Fund Raising United Kingdom GBP 2,030.00
2021 October Housing (Partially Supported) Puttalam LKR 100,000.00
2021 November Water Tank Pommeiveli, Jaffna LKR 54,000.00
2021 November Flood Appeal (Phase 1) Puttalam (Palavi, AlJidda) LKR 485,250.00
2021 November Flood Appeal (Phase 2) Puttalam (Palavi, YMMA, Madurankuli, Alankuda) LKR 1,119,750.00
2021 December Medical Support (Kidney transplant) Puttalam LKR 100,000.00
2021 December Medical Support (Heart Surgery) Puttalam LKR 50,000.00
2021 December Medical Support (Heart Surgery) Puttalam LKR 50,000.00

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