JMA-UK Elections 2020

Election Announcement 2020

Executive Committee Selection (2021/23-3 yrs) JMA-UK

Assalamu Alaikum!

Outside of Sri Lanka, England is the country where our people migrated and live in the highest number. We live up to a thousand people here.
Jaffna Muslim Association-UK has been doing many people’s welfare works in England for the past 20 years by representing our community people.
Elections are being conducted for the administration committee for the period of music (constitution) for the system of JMA-UK
The ′′ Administrative Committee ′′ is selected with the full part of the society.

We have started the election works.
Those who want to take charge of JMA-UK administration for the next three years, bro. Kishore Rakeem is requested to register themselves (Tp :- 07791670854)
We request you to register your applications before December 15th.

New admins from registered selected based on poll bro. Will be announced by Kishore Rahim.
By the end of 2020, we expect new administrators to be completed.
Insha Allah.!

For more information regarding election :-
Shameez (07894533396 )