JMA-UK Election Results 2021

Alhamdulillah, we would like to introduce our new elected trustees for the next 3 years. JazakAllahu Khairan for all your continuous support, we expect the same support to the elected new team.

Election Final Updates

Jaffna Muslim Association-UK -2021

4th Election

Elected trustees for the next 3 years term (2021-2023) Regionally

East London
1) Mr. Rameez Anes
2) Mr. Azankuthoos Jaeeros 
3) Mr. Imran Junoob
4) Mr. Salman Mohamed Sawjeer 
5) Dr. Sarjun Saleem
6) Mr. Mohamed Rajan Ajmul
7) Mr. Abdul Rinos Abdul Azeez
8) Mr. Sameer Ismail

North West London
1) Mr. Muhammathu Rozaan Faaruk 
2) Mr. Mohamed Abdul Cader Shameez 

Slough Area
1) Mr. Rauzan Abdul Azeez
2) Mr. Aslam Vellaithamby
3) Mr. Aneer Jabarulla

1) Mr. Abul Kalam Abdul Hakeem
2) Mr. Mohamed Umar Sabeel
3) Mr. Muheeth Abdul Kareem

1) Mr. Nazeer Abdul Kareem
2) Mr. Jawahir Jamaldin

Milton Keynes and Other Regions
1) Mr. Gias Muthu Mohamed
2) Mr. Jawsad Mohamed Yousuf
3) Mr. Riyas Jamaldeen